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Chemin des Mouettes
Base Nautique "Les Mouettes"
67630 Lauterbourg
07 71 57 41 31


For thrill seekers, an "exclusive and unique" leisure activity in our region, a new board sport for all the family. The electric surfboards are propelled by silent electric turbines. Whether lying down on them, sitting on them or standing up on them, they can be used by children, teenagers and adults in complete safety. This new board sport also gives hardened athletes their adrenalin rush, reaching speeds of 35 km/h. A relaxation and rest area with a holiday feel is also at your disposal.
As this activity is closely related to weather conditions, information on opening times is updated on the website every Thursday.
Price per session : 35€ - Report 20 minutes before the time of your appointment for further explanations. Booking recommended on the website or by email.

Reservations - ticket office

  • Reservations - ticket office Réservation préconisée sur ou par mail :

Booking necessary

  • Yes

Distance (km) à la gare la plus proche

Distance (km) à la gare la plus proche : 1

Level of difficulty

Suitable for everyone


Catering on spot

  • Drinks


Methods of payment

  • Credit card

Opening hours

lu-ve 11-18h / sa-di 11-19h