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A cable or reaction ferry comprises on the one hand a vessel (the gated ferry) and on the other a cable suspended 20 metres above the river to which the ferry is attached. The system allows the ferry to cross the Rhine propelled only by the force of the current.


The old cable ferry from Seltz to Plittersdorf was put into service by the French army in 1945 to replace a wartime pontoon bridge. Since 1998 the Conseil-Général of the department of the Bas-Rhin has owned and operated the ferry.

The new ferry is built entirely out of aluminium. It is unique with its three hulls, like a trimaran, supporting a large deck, with a superstructure for the wheel house. It can carry 70 passengers, 28 bicycles and up to   6 cars outside of the rush hours. It is designed for easy access for the handicapped. The ferry has no engine and continues to use only the power of the river current to make crossings. It has a system of electrical power generation using solar panels and paddle wheels,  in line with the principle of sustainable development. 
The modernisation scheme for the ferry included the rebuilding of the two floating bridges on either bank, as well as bringing the whole operation up to the correct navigational safety standards, installing a new cable and the reinstatement of the approaches to the ferry, as well as the installation of safety gates.



From April 1 to September 30 
Monday to Friday 6h to 20h
Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 6h30 to 22h

From October 1 to March 31
Monday to Friday 6h to 20h
Saturday Sunday and Bank Holidays 7h to 20h

The crossing is free.