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A botanical garden laid out in play and picnic areas. You can see numerous species of trees.


The home of Baron Jean Adam Schramm (1760-1826), a native of Beinheim who was to become an Imperial General, now houses the local authority offices. With the passage of time, its former garden had withered away. In line with a policy to promote the area's heritage, it has been replaced by a botanical garden designed by the landscape designer Agnès Daval: in a limited area are symmetrical beds of rich collections of native plants typical of the Rhine valley and perennials, including glorious peonies and roses from the beginning of the 19th century; extending into the distance is a generous grassy meadow embellished with a gazebo and lined with hedges of shrubs.


begins downstream of the water gate on the principal structure and ends upstream, at the edge of the discharge weir. This structure comprises 10 pools of 1.50 x 2.80 m and is designed to help fish swim up river.
A practically identical structure has been made in the Berizzi Mill sector at Berg (Palatinate).


.The heronry, a sublimely beautiful biotope on an islet in the middle of the gravel pit with its remarkable reed bed and its natural spawning ground, is home to a few pairs of herons, black kites, great spotted woodpeckers and other Rhineland residents.


A world of nature to explore on your doorstep!

Comprising professional naturalists and volunteer nature guides, the Nature Centre has been endorsed as a “Centre for the Introduction to Nature and the Environment” (CINE). In addition to its educational work with school children, it also works with the general public to introduce them to the countless riches of the landscape and the flora and fauna to be found in its territory.
From the Northern Vosges to the Rhine, from Le Bienwald to the outskirts of Strasbourg, the Nature Centre is our guide to information on and exploration of the living world that surrounds us.
In addition to the activities of the “General Public” and “Schools” programmes, the CINE is able to propose activities according to your more specific requests and interests.


Considering the willow and reed plantations as well as the mud flats, the Delta de la Sauer nature reservation provides a complete change of scene.
Created on ministerial order in 1997 it is composed of 486 ha of protected land.
This beauty spot for ornithology, botany, hydrology or just for its landscapes is also one of the last areas where the flood of the Rhine can spread.


the nature reserve site in Munchhausen is open to anyone curious about or interested in the practice of bird ringing.
Group outing for all ages (mid Juli to the end of September) on appointment.


It is situated at the point where the Sauer joins the Rhine. It is a one-off construction in Europe as it is a flap gate that rests on the water outside flood periods. When raised vertically, it acts as a dyke during high water periods. The construction is 60 m long and 7 m high and it can be moved using hydraulic jacks, each with a thrust of 350 tonnes.