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Do you want to recharge your batteries ?
Why don't you take an appointment at ARJUNA ?!
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India is just next to you ... so take avantage to give your holidays an exotic touch !

Give yourself an authentic Ayurvedic massage and its many benefits : Abhyanga, Garshan, Pindsveda, Shirodara, feet's massage with the Kansu bowl or thanks to a session of nidra yoga in deep relaxation.

You have the opportunity to take avantage of the ayurvedic treatment's whole range that ARJUNA let at your disposal. You will evacuate your tensions, dissipate your melancholy, regain your vitality.

ARJUNA's office is open from the 8th of august. ONLY WITH AN APPOINTMENT !
Don't wait and book your place quickly on 06 89 35 24 45 or by email at
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